Art, Wanted to thank you for all your help over the last 3 years. I bought the car when I was 25 and now 30 years later it is close to fully restored. I drive it daily and it provides me with great memories and enjoyment. You made the process quite fun and enjoyable! Thank you Mark K.
Hello, just to tell you that the rotor and cap you send me, instead of the wrong 180 I had, fits perfectly and my 170V runs great. Thanks for your advise and your help. Laurent
Art, Just wanted to say thank you so much, the Roadster gas gauge now works perfectly. Kindest regards, Carrie
Hi Art, Thank you once again this is some of the best service I have ever received in any business, We are a Mercedes-Benz Dealer in South Africa since 1949, and I will certainly promote your company wherever I can. Best wishes, Jaco L.
Art, I want to thank you for your fine work over the years. Since I laid my eyes on the first 300SL and bought it a dozen years ago I have appreciated your ability to get the products I need and do so quickly. I purchased the huge spare parts and tool items that you offered at the convention. I would not have done so if I had not had such positive experiences in the past. I plan on loaning these items for display in the 300SL / Napa Auto Museum along with my ‘56 Coupe. Thank you, Dennis D.
I have been dealing with ArtsStarClassics since I was lucky enough to find my car. It was strange that the car was brought to this country to NY and purchased by a friend of mine on 911. What was to be my 170 was stuck on the GW Bridge for 3 days on a trailer. With Art’s help it is now symbolically becoming beautiful again like the NY skyline. Without Art’s years of experience and patience, my dream would not be a reality. There is no other satisfaction then driving in such a classic on the open road with the top down. Thank you Art and staff Rich D
Dear Art, Had a nice drive with the top down yesterday.
Hello Art Just would like to thank you for the wonderful part you supplied for our 300. Looks great on the car! Imre
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