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Art’s Star Classics specializes in classic Mercedes-Benz vehicle restoration guidance, preservation and automobile care and maintenance for the Car Owner, Car Collectors and Auto Shops worldwide.
Art’s Star Classics is your source for Mercedes-Benz vehicles made from 1931 to 1971 for Sales of New Parts, Hard to find Parts, Tool Kits, and for Classic Car Sales.
Art has over 40+ years of vast Mercedes-Benz knowledge and the expertise to provide owners and restoration shops the proper research and history for accurate restoration of newly found cars or ones that are simply in need of repair.
With our expert guidance and professional excellence, Art's Star Classics can help make an accurate assessment of the work that is necessary with our concours vetting and help in car evaluation toward adding value to your collection for owners that are looking for the award of your dreams or just getting recognition for your outstanding car collection.
We look forward to speaking with you to help your cherished Mercedes-Benz regain its original beauty and keep it in mint condition for years to come.
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Art's Star Classics
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Worldwide expert guidance and professional excellence in new parts sales, hard to find parts, tool kits, car sales, concours evaluation for Mercedes- Benz Classics from 1931 to 1971
We Specialize in these Mercedes-Benz Models:
170S, Sb, D, DS, S-V Sedan (W136)
170S Cab A & Cab B (W187)
170V, Va, Vb, D, Da, Db Sedan (W136)
180 - 190 Db Sedan (W120)
190SL (W121)
219 - 220S/SE Sedan (W105, W128, W180)
220 Sedan, Cab A & Cab B (W187)
220S/SE Ponton Coupe & Cabriolet (W180, W128)
Finback (W110, W111, W112)
300 - 300b Sedan - Cab "D" (W186)
300c Sedan - Cab "D" (W186)
300d Sedan - Cab "D" (W189)
300S - 300Sc Coupé, Cab & Roadster (W188)
300SL Gullwing (W198)
300SL Roadster (W198)
600 Pullman (W100)
One-Stop Shop for Mercedes Owners,
Car Collectors and Restoration Experts
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Worldwide Specialsts for Mercedes-Benz Classics from 1931 to 1971