Restoration Mgt provides all parts for classic Mercedes-Benz from 1931 to 1971 worldwide, and offers research and restoration management. We specialize in any newly found classic Mercedes vehicle in need of repair. With our expert guidance and professional excellence we can help make an accurate assessment of the work that is necessary to bring your classic Mercedes-Benz to its original beauty once again and keep it in mint condition for years to come. Art's Star Classics can offer you over 35 years of expert knowledge and expertise for classic Mercedes-Benz in these areas; New parts, shipped Worldwide. Rebuilding of hard-to-find parts. Services we provided below are charged by a flat fee rate or by an hourly rate depending on the job and what it entails, for more information please contact us. Accurate Assessment of the vehicle’s need of a full or partial restoration. Expert Evaluation for insurance companies and auto shops for repairs. Sales and Acquisitions for car owners or representation at the auto auctions. Collection Management for the larger auto connoisseur. We have the honour to consult with Art Thumwood. Art is a well know worldwide expert on Mercedes-Benz vehicles made from 1931 to 1971. During his 40 year career he has judged and been involved with all the top events regarding these classic Mercedes (i.e.: Barrett-Jackson Auction, Hilton-Head Concourse, Pebble Beach Concourse to name a few) and has been an active member of the Mercedes- Benz of America, Gull Wing Group International and the International 190SL Group USA for the last 30+ years. Art's long career actually started as a hobby, due to his love for auto-mobiles. His passion for classic Mercedes-Benz started when he was just 19 years old and traded his Porsche for a 1955 300SL Gullwing in need of much repair. And with Art's diligence to restore the vehicle to it's original state and his pride for perfection, he began his long journey in becoming the well known world-wide authority in restoring these vehicles and has encouraged us in having parts made for these vehicles once again. With our experience in selling new parts combined with our vast knowledge, you can rest assured that you will receive the expertise that you need to complete any car project and maintain your unique Mercedes vehicle all year long from Art's Star Classics Restoration Mgt. We look forward to helping you with your classic Mercedes-Benz. God Bless and safe travels, From all at Art's Star Classics Restoration Mgt.
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